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City of Lake Stevens Community Development

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Welcome to the City of Lake Stevens Citizens Connect portal.  If you have any questions please feel free to call the Community Development Department at (425) 622.9434.


We prefer inspection scheduling is requested online using the INSPECTIONS section below. 

However, if you do not have online access you may still request your inspection by phone by calling 425.622.9404 and leaving your permit and inspection info after the announcement.

When calling, please provide the following:
- Permit Number
- Site Address
- Type of Inspection
- Contact Name
- Contact Phone
- Contact Email (for receipt of inspection notices)

Inspections are conducted Monday through Friday typically between 8AM and 4PM. We cannot accept specific time requests or guarantee AM/PM inspection requests, but you can submit your preference for an AM or PM inspection and we will try to accommodate your request if possible. AM inspections are generally conducted from 8AM to 12PM and PM inspections from 1PM to 4PM.

The City is excited to get construction moving again in partnership with the projects currently under way in Lake Stevens! Beginning Tuesday 4/28, the City will provide inspection services where project sites comply with all COVID-19 Jobsite Requirements

The COVID-19 Job Site Requirements containing the safety protocols for social distancing and sanitation must be in place and maintained at all times while City personnel are onsite.   

A copy of the job site requirements can be found here 

In accordance with the Governor’s restart plan, the City will conduct regular inspections when requested. However, it is important that all site personnel are using appropriate PPE and respecting distancing from our inspectors while onsite and performing inspections.  

*** Please be advised that at the inspectors’ discretion, inspections may be halted, canceled, or postponed where appropriate provisions to maintain distancing and health/safety are not being met as defined in the COVID 19 Job Site Requirements that could endanger the city’s inspector.